How It Works

We supply course materials, professional learning, and more. You get an official Pre-AP designation and the chance to bring engaging, meaningful coursework to all your students.

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The Pre-AP program uses a targeted, effective approach that focuses on the concepts and skills that matter most and provides regular, actionable feedback. We believe that students and teachers have the right to know how they're progressing—in real time.

What We Provide

If your school opts to offer Pre-AP courses to help prepare your students for AP and other college-level courses, here’s what we supply.

AP Ready

Instructional resources: High-quality texts and source materials paired with effective teaching strategies, model lessons, and shared routines that illustrate challenging classroom practice and offer teacher support for designing instruction.

Assessments: Digital unit assessments and performance-based tasks accompanied by scoring rubrics to measure student learning and provide actionable feedback.

Student practice: Practice resources and tools to help students build, strengthen, and master content knowledge and skills.

Professional learning: Workshops and teacher supports focused on instruction, collaboration, and the examination of student work.

The Pre-AP Designation

The College Board’s official Pre-AP designation can be granted on a course level and on a school level.

To earn the designation for a course, you must agree to:

  • Align instruction to the course requirements.
  • Administer the digital assessments we provide.
  • Take part in professional learning.
  • Offer the course with open access.

To earn school-level Pre-AP designation, your school must offer the maximum number of Pre-AP courses possible at your institution. 

The designation lets students, parents, and your staff know that your school is committed to offering courses based on consistent high standards and high-quality instruction to all your students.

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