Support AP Readiness

Pre-AP courses ensure students have the necessary content and skills to take AP courses.

Support AP Readiness with free Pre-AP courses

Committed to Providing Equitable Learning Opportunities

College Board aims to ensure all students are ready with the content and critical thinking skills they need to have the confidence to take their first AP® course. To support this goal, College Board will make all Pre-AP® courses available free of charge to any school that enrolls 10th-grade students in AP African American Studies, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English 10/Seminar, or 12th-grade students in AP Precalculus.

What Is Pre-AP?

Open to all students, Pre-AP is a grade-level program usually taught in grades 9 and 10, though some schools offer these high school–level courses in middle school.

Pre-AP courses:

  • Are back mapped from AP courses and provide students with the content, skills, and practices for success in AP.
  • Include an approach to teaching and learning that provides continuity for students and teachers across all courses, illustrated through shared instructional practices, model lessons, assessments, and professional learning.
  • Do not provide college credit or require a final exam.

How Pre-AP Prepares Students for AP

In Pre-AP, students have frequent opportunities to engage deeply with texts, sources, and data, as well as compelling higher-order questions and problems. Across Pre-AP courses, students experience instructional practices and routines that help them develop the important critical thinking skills needed to succeed in AP.

  • Pre-AP frameworks are back mapped from AP expectations: Students begin building skills before they enter their first AP course.
  • Pre-AP performance tasks model AP free-response questions (FRQs): Students and teachers can evaluate student performance in ways not provided by multiple-choice assessments.
  • Pre-AP promotes equity: As a grade-level program, Pre-AP closes the opportunity gap for all students.

How Can My School Offer Pre-AP at No Charge?

It’s simple: complete this form by February 29, 2024. Then, beginning March 1, place your order—at no charge—for the Pre-AP courses your school would like to offer.

High-Quality Professional Learning: When and Where You Want

All schools offering Pre-AP have access to our robust professional learning support through a variety of delivery options.

  • Online Modules: These best-in-class, on-demand online modules are available at no charge. The modules take teachers through a course-specific series that highlights best practices for teaching Pre-AP. The entire series can be completed in 12–20 hours. Learn more here.
  • Public Pre-AP Summer Institutes (Pre-APSIs): The summer institutes are offered to teachers, both in-person ($800/person) and online ($175/person), and to leaders ($250/person). Pre-AP Summer Institutes provide the most comprehensive professional learning available for new Pre-AP teachers. These institutes empower participants to prepare and plan to teach their Pre-AP course so they’re ready on day one of instruction. Participants gain new skills and insights with a supportive peer network and expert national faculty, while developing connections within the Pre-AP community. CEUs are granted upon completion of the institutes. Learn more here.
  • Private Pre-AP Summer Institutes are the same, high-quality professional learning experience as our public Pre-AP Summer Institutes but at your chosen location. Dates for Summer 2024 are available. Schedule for your district/school here.

    For districts offering three private in-person Pre-APSIs, College Board will include a complementary in-person, one-day leader workshop.