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New Pre-AP teachers can attend an official Pre-AP Course Teacher Institute, a four-day collaborative experience that empowers participants to begin to prepare and plan for their Pre-AP course. Teachers explore course materials and experience model lessons from the student’s point of view. They also work with peers to begin to plan and build their own course materials, so they are ready on day one of instruction.

Pre-AP Course Teacher Institute Objectives 

  • Examine the course framework, assessments, teacher materials, and student learning supports.
  • Analyze how Pre-AP instructional design supports all students in achieving success toward SAT, AP, and college and career readiness.
  • Apply the course areas of focus and Pre-AP shared principles to yearlong planning and classroom instruction.

Pre-AP Course Teacher Institutes will be available in summer 2020 for the following courses:

  • Pre-AP Algebra 1
  • Pre-AP Biology 
  • Pre-AP Chemistry
  • Pre-AP English 1
  • Pre-AP English 2
  • Pre-AP Geometry
  • Pre-AP World History and Geography
  • Pre-AP Visual and Performing Arts (includes Dance, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts)

Pre-AP Course Teacher Institutes Calendar

The Pre-AP Course Teacher Institutes calendar will be released February 1, 2020. At that time, schools participating in the Pre-AP program will be able to search for and register teachers for summer 2020 institutes. 

*Pre-AP Course Teacher Institutes are only available to teachers whose schools have purchased Pre-AP Courses.