Professional Learning for Experienced Pre-AP Leaders

Opportunities for leaders who have implemented Pre-AP for at least one year

Begin your free Experienced Leader Online Module in Pre-AP Classroom.

There are no professional learning requirements for experienced Pre-AP leaders.

However, a leader who has at least one year of experience implementing Pre-AP is eligible for these professional learning opportunities:

Experienced Leader Online Modules

Take a free, self-paced Experienced Leader Online Module in Pre-AP Classroom. These self-paced, on-demand modules are available year-round.

Leader Lounges

Each live, online session lasts 30 minutes and is facilitated by expert Pre-AP implementation directors who work with Pre-AP leaders across the country. Sessions were recorded and are posted in the Pre-AP Classroom.


From mid-June through the end of August, Pre-AP offered a range of free webinars. Webinars were hosted live by College Board staff, along with Pre-AP teachers and administrators and then recorded and posted on Pre-AP Classroom under the Professional Learning tab within each course.