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We’re offering educators a new professional learning opportunity called Virtual Foundations Cohorts. This online experience replaces the Pre-AP Summer Institutes, canceled this year due to the covid-19 crisis. These optional, virtual classes are led by our expert National Faculty and have a maximum of 20 participants per cohort. Cohorts will run every two weeks from June 29 through August 7, 2020.

Teachers meet with their cohorts twice a week over the course of two weeks for 90 minutes each session. A variety of dates and times will be available when registration begins on May 18, 2020.

Joining a Virtual Foundations Cohort will extend learning from our Online Foundational Module Series. The table below shows a sample syllabus.






Module 1: Welcome to Pre-AP (.1 CEU)

Module 2: Your Course Framework and Areas of Focus (.2 CEU)

Virtual Class  #1
Welcome & Course Framework (.15 CEU)

Module 3: The Power of Shared Principles (.1 CEU)

Module 4: Introduction to Pre-AP Instructional Resources (.2 CEU)

Module 5: Exploring Model Lessons (.3 CEU)

Virtual Class #2
Engaging Instruction (.15 CEU)

Module 6: Pre-AP Assessment Opportunities (.2 CEU)

Module 7: Examining Learning Checkpoints (.1 CEU)

Virtual Class #3
Assessments for Learning & Purposeful Planning (.15 CEU)

Module 8: Building Your Course (.3 CEU) and planning

Module 8: Building Your Course (.3 CEU) and planning

Virtual Class #4 Building Your Course (.15 CEU)

In order to receive CEUs, participants must complete all classes of the Virtual Foundations Cohort.