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One school leader from each site is required to participate in professional learning from College Board the summer before their first year offering Pre-AP courses, either in-person at a Pre-AP Summer Institute, or through the Online Leadership Workshop.

New Pre-AP Leader Professional Learning

The summer before their first year implementing a Pre-AP course, at least one leader from each school site is required to participate in professional learning offered by College Board.

Online Foundational Leadership Workshop

The Online Foundational Leadership Workshop is available, at no charge, on Pre-AP Classroom to all leaders of Pre-AP schools. These leader-specific modules can be completed in 4–6 hours and support leaders in understanding the instructional design and program requirements of Pre-AP.

Pre-AP Online Foundational Leadership Workshop Outline 0.6 CEU
Leadership Opening N/A
Module 1: Welcome to Pre-AP 0.1 CEU
Module 2: Pre-AP Program Requirements 0.2 CEU
Module 3: The Power of Shared Principles 0.1 CEU
Module 4: Leadership Practices 0.2 CEU

How to Access the Online Foundational Leadership Workshop Modules

  1. Confirm your Pre-AP Role. You’ll need Pre-AP coordinator or Pre-AP administrator access to Pre-AP Classroom to access the Pre-AP Leadership Workshop. All access codes are sent to campus Pre-AP coordinators.
  2. Once you have Pre-AP coordinator or administrator access, log in to AP Central at
  3. Scroll down and select AP & Pre-AP Classroom. This will redirect you to AP/Pre-AP Classroom. Select Pre-AP Leadership Modules.
  4. A menu will open with the professional learning available for leaders. Select the Pre-AP Leadership Workshop. Completion of this workshop satisfies the program requirement for leaders.
  5. Click the title of the module to view all sessions. Select the Play button to launch your session.
  6. Upon completing each module, a link will appear to download your certificate of Continuing Education Units.

Email [email protected] for additional support or use the Help button in Pre-AP Classroom.

New Pre-AP Leader Virtual Cohorts

Pre-AP leaders completing the Online Foundational Leadership Workshop will also have the option to join a New Pre-AP Leader Virtual Cohort. These optional virtual classes are led by our expert implementation directors and National Faculty and have a maximum of 20 participants per cohort. Leaders meet with their cohorts once a week over the course of 2 weeks, for 90 minutes each session. Participants will be eligible for Continuing Education Units.

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The cohorts extend learning from our Online Leadership Workshop. The table below shows a sample syllabus for the leader cohort.

Class #

New Pre-AP Leader Virtual Cohort Focus

Online Leadership Workshop Pre-Work


Connecting Pre-AP program design and requirements to your school goals

Leadership Opening
Module 1: Welcome to Pre-AP
Module 2: Program Requirements


Leading your school and supporting your teachers

Module 3: The Power of Shared Principles
Module 4: Leadership Practices

Experienced Pre-AP Leader Professional Learning

Experienced leaders who have implemented Pre-AP for at least one full instructional year can engage in additional, optional professional learning. The experienced Pre-AP leader online module will launch in Pre-AP Classroom in June 2021, and serves to reinforce key program ideas, while supporting leaders in meeting the needs of their teachers and students. Completion of the experienced leader online module will provide Continuing Education units.

Experienced leaders also have the option to participate in one or more leader lounges on a variety of topics. Each live, virtual session lasts 30 minutes and is facilitated by expert implementation directors who work with Pre-AP leaders across the country. Topics include:

Topic Description
5 Tips from Experienced Leaders Engage with best practices and advice from Pre-AP leaders that can help you make the most of your school’s program.
Aligning Pre-AP Frameworks and Your Local Curriculum Understand how to support teachers in meeting your local curricular requirements through Pre-AP resources.
Building a Culture for Pre-AP for All Students Gain insights about how to shift your school’s community to expand access to Pre-AP.
Addressing Unfinished Learning Gain insights about Pre-AP resources, research-based strategies and principles that address the challenges of "unfinished learning."
Pre-AP Resources for Leaders Explore key tools designed to guide instructional leaders, including Pre-AP Classroom usage reports, assessment reports, and course-level resources to support observation and coaching.

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Experienced Pre-AP leaders are not required to complete additional professional learning. All experienced leader offerings are optional.

Professional Learning for Experienced Pre-AP Leaders


  Experienced Pre-AP Leader Online Module Experienced Pre-AP Leader Lounge

Program Requirements

There is no professional learning requirement for experienced Pre-AP leaders.

There is no professional learning requirement for experienced Pre-AP leaders.


Online, on Pre-AP Classroom

Online, Zoom

Instructional Delivery

Self-paced, on-demand modules

Live virtual sessions

Key Dates

Available year-round, beginning in June 2021

Registration opens April 19, 2021

Registration Fee

No charge

No charge

Pre-AP Summer Institute

Due to covid-19, College Board is not scheduling in-person professional learning at this time. All 2021 Pre-AP professional learning will be virtual and Pre-AP Summer Institutes will not be held in summer 2021. 

Pre-AP educators can attend an official Pre-AP Summer Institute. Pathways are available for new Pre-AP teachers as well as leaders. The one-day Leadership Workshop provides an opportunity for educators to plan for their program implementation and collaborate with Pre-AP National Faculty and peers across the country.

Pre-AP Summer Institutes Calendar and Registration

The Pre-AP Summer Institutes calendar will be made public in spring 2022, when registration is open.

You will receive more information about registration for in-person professional learning in preparation for the 2022-23 academic year. The deadline to register for a Pre-AP Summer Institute is four weeks before the event start date. Attendance is limited to schools that have purchased Pre-AP courses from College Board.

Pre-AP Webinar Series

We're hosting a summer webinar series for the 2021-22 academic year. Check out our schedule and register!  Search keyword “webinar” to see all the available sessions.


These virtual sessions present learning opportunities for all educators, whether they are new to Pre-AP or experienced Pre-AP teachers and leaders looking to enhance their instructional approach. Webinars are hosted live by College Board staff, along with Pre-AP teachers and administrators. All sessions will be recorded and posted on Pre-AP Classroom under the Professional Learning tab within each course.