Can a school offer a Pre-AP course and a Pre-AP Honors Course?

Yes, a school can offer Pre-AP and Pre-AP Honors sections of the same course. All Pre-AP courses are defined by the Pre-AP Approach to Teaching and Learning, not just the course titles. Schools can offer Pre-AP and Pre-AP Honors sections of the same course, as long as the Pre-AP Approach to Teaching and Learning is the foundation for both courses—defined by the Pre-AP course framework, shared principles, areas of focus, and assessments for learning.

The course framework defines the learning objectives that apply to all students enrolled in the course, but differentiation for specific student populations is most effective when guided by local decisions. Targeted instructional suggestions for meeting learners’ needs are provided in Pre-AP resources as examples.

Any additional differentiation can certainly be implemented by teachers to ensure all students have equitable opportunities for engaging in Pre-AP. The assumption is that schools and teachers can best determine the most appropriate supports and extensions for students who need them. For example, teachers may increase or decrease the scaffolding provided, or they may choose to enhance the current Pre-AP resources by increasing the complexity of a text or data set for students who are ready to engage in more advanced work.