How to Order Pre-AP

This is a step-by-step guide to starting—or expanding—Pre-AP in your school. Ordering is open annually from March 1 through August 31.

Purchase Pre-AP courses and materials


  • Know the Program Commitments

    Your school’s Pre-AP teachers and Course Audit administrator will be asked to attest to the following:

    1. Pre-AP for All: Pre-AP frameworks and assessments serve as the foundation for all sections of the course at the school.
      Note: Course Audit administrators may request to defer implementing Pre-AP for All through Pre-AP Course Audit if they need additional planning time to meet this commitment in the future. To do this, they can’t establish any entry barriers (such as minimum test scores, previous grades, or teacher recommendation) that could hinder students’ participation in Pre-AP. Additionally, they must commit to developing a plan to expand Pre-AP access at their school. See the Pre-AP for All Planning Guide for additional information.
    2. Course Frameworks: Teachers align their classroom instruction with Pre-AP course frameworks.
    3. Assessments: Teachers administer at least one learning checkpoint per unit on Pre-AP Classroom and four performance tasks.
    4. Professional Learning: Teachers complete the foundational professional learning (Online Foundational Modules or Pre-AP Summer Institute) and at least one online performance task scoring module. The current Pre-AP coordinator completes the Pre-AP Coordinator Online Module.
  • Know the Pricing

    There is an annual fee of $1,500 per Pre-AP course per school site in English, mathematics, science, and social studies. When one or more of those courses are purchased, Pre-AP courses in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts are available at no additional charge.

  • Know What’s Included

    Instructional Resources

    • Full-year course framework
    • Digital instructional resources for each course

    Learning Checkpoints

    • 8 digital assessments per course
    • 4 student performance tasks per course
    • 1 digital final exam per course

    Development for Pre-AP Teachers

    • Online Foundational Modules Series: on-demand professional learning available on Pre-AP Classroom; carries 21 hours of credit.
    • Online Scoring Modules: Course teachers have access to online modules to learn how to accurately score and provide effective student feedback for Pre-AP performance tasks.

    Development for Pre-AP Leaders

    • Online Foundational Leadership Workshop: on-demand professional learning available on Pre-AP Classroom; carries 4−6 hours of credit.


    • 4 Pre-AP Arts courses at no additional fee
    • Official Pre-AP course designation


    Student print materials are available at an additional cost of $7 per student.
    Teacher print materials are available at an additional cost of $45.

  • Gather Your Information

    To place an order, you’ll need:

    • Name, title, and contact information for the principal, Pre-AP coordinator, and Course Audit administrator. Learn more about the responsibilities of each role.
    • Shipping address and billing address
    • Estimated number of students per course, and the grade levels of those students
    • Number of teachers per course
    • Billing contact and method of payment (purchase order, check, or credit card)
  • Place Your Order

    1. Review video resources and one-pager found below to support you in placing your order.
    2. Go to
    3. Review courses and print materials
    4. Add contact, shipping, and billing information. 
    5. Complete checkout.


  • Receive Your Materials

    Each role identified for each school will receive an email from College Board with important information, including how to complete the Course Audit process and access Pre-AP Classroom. 

    Schools will receive Pre-AP ordered materials beginning in June.

    • Teacher or Student print resources ordered will begin shipping June. Typical transit time is 5–7 business days.
    • Digital access to Pre-AP Classroom and instructional materials will be provided in June. To gain access to Pre-AP Classroom, the Course Audit process must be completed.
    • Online Foundational Modules are available in Pre-AP Classroom for teachers and the Pre-AP coordinator. Learn more about professional learning.