Using Pre-AP Classroom

Find easy, step-by-step instructions in our online guides to the program’s digital platform.

If You’re a Pre-AP Student

We’ll tell you how to create an account, how you get the join code for your class, or how to take an assessment. We’ll also walk you through the collaboration process, show you where to find feedback from your teacher, and tell you where to get help if something goes wrong.

If You’re a Pre-AP Teacher

Search our user guide to learn how to generate join codes, assign activities, and access assessments—you’ll even find a link to your next professional learning opportunity.

If You’re a Pre-AP Coordinator

We’ve included a checklist that provides you with detailed instructions on your roles and responsibilities, professional learning, student onboarding, and program commitments.

Access Pre-AP Classroom

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or coordinator, the first step to using the Pre-AP digital platform is logging in to your College Board account.