Understanding Responsibilities for Each Role

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To implement Pre-AP, you will need to select staff to fill the roles of Pre-AP coordinator, Pre-AP Course Audit administrator and designated teachers for each Pre-AP course. You will also want to determine which administrators and instructional coaches will support the implementation of your Pre-AP program.

Before you assign responsibilities, keep in mind:

  • Depending upon the size of your school, one person may perform multiple roles. For example, the Pre-AP coordinator may also be the Course Audit administrator.
  • Schools must complete Pre-AP Course Audit before course teachers can access Pre-AP classroom, so it’s helpful if the Course Audit administrator is available over the summer months.
  • All Pre-AP teachers and the Pre-AP coordinator commit to complete professional learning.
  • Pre-AP and AP share many resources, so if your school already has an AP coordinator with access to AP Classroom, that person will automatically have the same level of access to Pre-AP Classroom, which is on the same platform.

Pre-AP Coordinator

  • Acts as the school’s primary point of contact with College Board and the Pre-AP Program
  • Completes the Online Module for Pre-AP coordinators
  • Confirms that Pre-AP course teachers have completed professional learning
  • Completes tasks outlined on the Pre-AP Coordinator Checklist
  • Accesses Pre-AP Classroom using access code found on the ordering website under Access Codes header (this code may be used by up to two people per school) to: 
    • View classes, teachers, and students
    • Modify/manage all classes and student rosters
    • Access teacher and student instructional resources, assessments, and performance data
  • Remember that the AP coordinator has specific requirements around eligibility. (See the AP Coordinator’s Manual for details.) A Pre-AP coordinator and AP coordinator can be two different people or one person serving a dual role.

Pre-AP Course Audit Administrator

  • Is available to complete the Course Audit in the summer before school opens.
  • May be the Pre-AP coordinator or other school leader.
  • Obtains the Pre-AP Course Audit access code under the Access Codes header on the ordering website (If the Pre-AP Course Audit administrator doubles as AP Course Audit administrator, they won’t need a different access code because both programs are on the same platform.) The access code may be used by up to two people per school.
  • Uses the Course Audit platform to:
    • Affirm Pre-AP Program’s implementation commitments
    • Approve teachers for access to Pre-AP Classroom

Administrators and Instructional Coaches
(Pre-AP Leader)

  • Can be site or district administrators, instructional coaches, or any non-teaching instructional support role
  • Supports the Pre-AP coordinator, Pre-AP course teachers, and program implementation
  • Engages in recommended professional learning (Online modules and/or Leadership Workshop)
  • Uses the materials in Pre-AP Resource Library to share information with stakeholders
  • Uses an access code provided by the Pre-AP coordinator to access Pre-AP Classroom (this code can be used by up to 20 people per school) to:
    • See Pre-AP classes, teachers, and students
    • Access teacher and student instructional resources, assessments, and performance data
    • View—but not modify—all classes and student rosters

New Pre-AP Teacher

  • Completes professional learning either online (Online Foundational Module Series) or at a Pre-AP Summer Institute in addition to the Online Scoring Module by October 30
  • Completes teacher portion of the Pre-AP Course Audit in order to gain access to Pre-AP Classroom, where they can:
    • View classes and students
    • Modify/manage all classes and student rosters
    • Access teacher and student instructional resources, assessments, and performance data

Returning Pre-AP Teacher

There are no Course Audit requirements for returning Pre-AP teachers. Optional Experienced Teacher modules are available on Pre-AP Classroom.


Can I act as both a Pre-AP coordinator and a Pre-AP course teacher?

Yes, but you’ll need to maintain separate College Board accounts for each role. 

Teachers and coordinators/administrators have different levels of access; therefore, two separate accounts are needed. To create your secondary account, use a different email address. To prevent too much identical information in an account profile, we advise entering a modification of your first or last name. Some successful users have used middle names, extended names, or nicknames on the second account profile.

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