How Pre-AP Can Benefit Your School

Read about its advantages for your students, teachers, and staff.

Thinking About Adding Pre-AP?

Begin by understanding five benefits built into the Pre-AP Program.

Opportunity for all students

Pre-AP offers grade-level instruction for every student. Research shows that even students who start the school year below grade level can reduce the gap and benefit from the Pre-AP approach

Why We Created Pre-AP

Increased success with AP

Pre-AP courses are back mapped from College Board AP courses so students get a head start on the content and skills they’ll need to succeed in AP, college, and careers.

Pre-AP and AP

Empowerment for teachers

Pre-AP respects teachers’ knowledge of their subject—and their students. That’s why, instead of a rigid curriculum, Pre-AP offers a focused framework, engaging model lessons, classroom assessments, and other instructional support—so teachers have the flexibility to do what works for their students.

Instructional Support

Best-in-class professional learning

Pre-AP offers a robust menu of professional learning, in-person or online, to fully prepare teachers and leaders for the content, design, and pedagogy of the Pre-AP Program.

Professional Learning

Proof of commitment

When a school completes its Course Audit and offers Pre-AP courses, it signals its commitment to preparing all of its students for success in high school—and beyond.


Success Stories