Why We Created Pre-AP

College Board believes that every student deserves an opportunity to grow.

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Every student deserves the opportunity to know how much they can grow—in high school, college, and beyond. That’s why College Board designed the Pre-AP Program as grade-level instruction that meets students where they are now.

We Know That Students Have Big Dreams

Pre-AP builds the skills that students will need to realize their dreams. That’s why, throughout their experience with the Pre-AP Program, students learn these essentials:

  • How to read for details and evidence like successful AP and college students—whether they’re reading literature, a primary source, or a table of data.
  • How to craft sentences and paragraphs that will support claims with solid evidence.
  • How to interpret data from charts and maps.
  • How to use quantitative information to solve real-world problems.

We Want to Prepare Every Student

Students believe that if they pay attention, complete assignments, and do well on tests, they’ll be ready for college. But that’s not always true.

In a research study called The Opportunity Myth, most students were given grade-level assignments only a quarter of the time; and underrepresented students received even less (The Opportunity Myth, TNTP, September 2018).

Using that data, TNTP created a road map for change. They found that students thrive when provided with four key resources:

  1. grade-appropriate assignments
  2. strong instruction
  3. deep engagement
  4. high expectations

We Believe Every Student Can Learn, Grow, and Succeed

College Board believes in robust, grade-level instruction for all students—not just the students who are already at or above grade-level. That’s why all Pre-AP courses align with these basic principles:

  • Every student will receive grade-level coursework that focuses on the most important skills and content for the course.
  • Students will see meaningful connections across content areas through shared instructional principles.
  • Every teacher will have access to thoughtful resources that honor their professionalism.

Students provided with grade-level instruction see growth. This is especially true for students who have the most need. Research shows that students who start the school year below grade level are able to reduce the gap when they’re given grade-appropriate assignments

We Honor Teachers’ Knowledge of Their Subjects and Their Students

Pre-AP was developed with educator involvement and will continue to evolve based on teacher feedback and collaboration. Development committees composed of of middle school, high school, and college faculty continually work with College Board to design effective frameworks and instructional resources.