Digital Access: Logging In and Using Pre-AP Classroom

Access Pre-AP Classroom.

You’ll Need a College Board Account

Whether you’re a student, teacher, coordinator, or leader, you’ll need a College Board account. You’ll begin by logging in to My AP—Pre-AP and AP share the same login—to access Pre-AP Classroom, the digital platform for Pre-AP courses.

If you already have a College Board account, you can use the same one. If not, you can sign up at: My AP Login – College Board

It’s important that you don’t create multiple College Board accounts. If you’re not sure whether you have a College Board account, contact us.

How to Access Course Materials

Once you've ordered your Pre-AP courses, how you access Pre-AP Classroom depends on your role.

Where to Get Help with the Pre-AP Digital Platform

You’ll find role-specific, step-by-step instructions on creating a College Board account, logging in, and using Pre-AP Classroom in our online user guides. Each guide is indexed and is also searchable by keyword.



Getting Your Pre-AP Join Codes

Step-by-step instructions for finding and using join codes to access course materials on Pre-AP Classroom.


Pre-AP Course Audit for Teachers

Learn how Pre-AP teachers of record work together with their school’s Pre-AP Course Audit administrator to complete the Pre-AP Course Audit.


Online User Manuals for Pre-AP Classroom

Find links to online user guides that will help you access the Pre-AP Program’s digital platform, complete tasks, and collaborate with peers.