Students and Pre-AP

What students should know about taking Pre-AP.

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Every student deserves the opportunity to know how much they can grow. That’s why College Board created Pre-AP courses as grade-level instruction designed to build the critical thinking skills students will need to succeed in AP courses, college, and future careers.

Although Pre-AP courses have been back mapped from College Board AP courses, they are not honors courses and do not grant college credit. Most students take Pre-AP courses in grade 9 or 10.


Access to Pre-AP Classroom, the program’s digital platform

  • You will need a College Board account to log in to Pre-AP Classroom. If you already have a College Board account, you can use the same one. If not, you can sign up at My AP Login – College Board
  • Much of the coursework will be accessed through Pre-AP Classroom, the digital platform for Pre-AP courses. Most of your questions about using the platform can be answered by Pre-AP Classroom User Guide for Students
  • Before you can access your course materials on Pre-AP Classroom, you will need a join code, which you will receive from your teacher

Class resources, study materials, and practice tests

  • Pre-AP courses include everything you need to be successful in your class, including student resources for each lesson (available in Pre-AP Classroom), plus learning checkpoints and performance tasks.
  • Pre-AP does not offer practice materials, flash cards, or worksheets for a specific test. Instead, your teacher will share what you need for your class.
  • Pre-AP does not offer practice exams or publish exam questions from prior years.

Pre-AP Exams

  • The final exam for a Pre-AP course will be scheduled by your school.