Pre-AP Annual Opportunity Report

Building a diverse student population of AP⁠⁠-⁠ready students.

About Pre-AP

Pre-AP is committed to providing equitable and inclusive learning opportunities to all students. Pre-AP provides students with the prioritized content and skills necessary for success in AP and beyond.

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Pre-AP Reach

Pre-AP has been offered to students in 42 states plus the District of Columbia, 9 countries, and in over 700 schools.

Pre-AP Demographics Chart Showing Percentage of Pre-AP Student Percentages by Ethnicity

Pre-AP Demographics

Pre-AP is focused on ensuring student diversity in the program as a means to increase access to and equity in advanced coursework, including AP.

Pre-AP Impact

The Pre-AP Program holds itself accountable to prepare students for success in high school and beyond. Pre-AP is engaged in longitudinal research to provide detailed efficacy data on student outcomes (see the full report for more details). In our annual survey, students agree that Pre-AP will be useful for college and career. 

“You have to be prepared to defend your ideas, and you have to have evidence to back it up.”

Daniela, Pre-AP Biology Student, New York, NY

Pre-AP Educator Satisfaction

Pre-AP will only be successful in providing equitable and inclusive learning opportunities to all students if educators are satisfied with the program. Overwhelmingly, Pre-AP teachers and administrators recommend continuing to offer Pre-AP courses. See the full report for details.

Readiness for AP Courses

Educators agree that Pre-AP helps students succeed in future AP courses.

The Impact of Pre-AP

Pre-AP is making a difference in the lives of students and educators.