Implementing Pre-AP for Teachers

Get to Know Pre-AP

  • Explore our informational videos and FAQs.
  • Read the commitments schools make when they offer Pre-AP: Pre-AP for All, course frameworks, assessments, and professional learning.
  • Make sure you know your school’s Pre-AP coordinator. They’ll act as your point person for the program.
  • Familiarize yourself with your Pre-AP course frameworks.
  • Meet with colleagues to plan how you’ll use current curricular resources to align to the framework. The framework is not a curriculum.
  • We recommend you review course frameworks for all Pre-AP courses at your school—even for subjects you don’t teach—so that courses can support each other instructionally.

Before the Academic Year Starts: Professional Learning

At the Beginning of the Academic Year

During the Academic Year

  • At appropriate points, administer all performance tasks and at least one of the two learning checkpoints per unit.
  • Connect with colleagues at other schools through the Pre-AP Teacher Community.
  • Complete your commitment to professional learning by viewing at least one Online Scoring Module.

At the End of the Academic Year

  • Administer the optional final exam during the testing window, if you choose to do so.