Pre-AP Program Requirements

The Pre-AP Program has four implementation requirements.

  1. Pre-AP for All: Pre-AP frameworks and assessments serve as the foundation for all sections of the course at the school.
    • Note: Course Audit administrators may request a deferment for the Pre-AP for All requirement through Course Audit. To do so, they must refrain from establishing any entry barriers (such as minimum test scores, previous grades, or teacher recommendation) that could hinder students’ participation in Pre-AP. Additionally, they must commit to developing a plan to expand Pre-AP access at their school. See the Pre-AP for All Planning Guide for additional information.
  2. Course Frameworks: Teachers align their classroom instruction with Pre-AP course frameworks.
  3. Assessments: Teachers administer at least 1 learning checkpoint per unit, and 4 performance tasks.
  4. Professional Learning: Teachers and at least 1 leader per site complete a Pre-AP Summer Institute or the Online Foundational Module Series. Teachers complete at least 1 online performance scoring module.