Pre-AP Summer Institutes

The Pre-AP Program requires that all new teachers of Pre-AP and at least one leader per site complete professional learning.

There are two ways for new Pre-AP teachers to fulfill this professional learning requirement.

  1. In person, by attending a Pre-AP Summer Institute followed by at least one course-specific online scoring module
  2. Online, by completing a course-specific Pre-AP Online Foundational Module Series followed by at least one course-specific online scoring module

In the Pre-AP Summer Institutes, educators explore course materials, plan for their course, and develop connections within the Pre-AP community. CEUs are granted on completion of these four-day, in-person institutes. Institutes are open to all new teachers of Pre-AP courses.

New Pre-AP leaders can fulfill their professional learning requirement with the one-day Pre-AP Leadership Workshop, which occurs on the fourth day of the institute.

Summer Institutes Calendar and Registration

The Pre-AP Summer Institutes calendar will be made public in spring 2023, when registration opens. Deadline for registration is four weeks before the starting date. Attendance is limited to schools that have purchased Pre-AP courses from College Board.