Professional Learning for Pre-AP Administrators

Supporting the Pre-AP Program

Pre-AP Professional Learning Calendar

Pre-AP administrators include anyone at the site or district level supporting the implementation of the Pre-AP Program. This may include district-level leaders, principals, instructional coaches, and counselors, in addition to the Pre-AP coordinator. Pre-AP administrators are strongly encouraged to engage in professional learning.

Pre-AP Leadership Workshop (in person or virtual)

In this workshop, Pre-AP leaders internalize the Pre-AP Program’s four commitments and the purpose of each. They will explore best practices and resources available to support teachers and students. CEUs are granted upon completion of the workshop.

Delivery and Fee:

  • In person: This workshop is six hours and held on day four of Pre-AP Summer Institute for teachers. The fee to attend is $250 per person.
  • In person (private): This six hour workshop can be scheduled at a date and time that works for you! Workshops are available for private purchase by a school, district, or state. The cost of in-person workshops is $4,600 for members and $5,250 for nonmembers. Order now.
  • Virtual: This online workshop meets for one synchronous three-hour session. The fee to attend is $175 per person.

Online Leadership Modules

These free, self-paced modules are available year-round on Pre-AP Classroom and can provide CEU credits.

  • Online Foundational Modules: Designed to familiarize those supporting site or district Pre-AP implementation with the design and commitments of the program. Module topics include Leadership Opening, Welcome to Pre-AP, Pre-AP Program Commitments, The Power of the Shared Principles, and Leadership Practices. These modules can be completed in 4–6 hours.
  • Online Experienced Modules: Designed to reinforce key program ideas while supporting leaders in meeting the needs of their teachers and students. Module topics include Understanding the Pre-AP Course Frameworks, Applying the Pre-AP Course Frameworks, and Applying the Pre-AP Shared Principles. These modules can be completed in approximately two hours.

How to Access the Online Leadership Modules for Administrators in Pre-AP Classroom

  1. To access Pre-AP coordinator and leadership modules, login to AP Central at
  2. Scroll down. Select AP & Pre-AP Classroom. This will redirect you to Pre-AP Classroom. Select Pre-AP Leadership Modules.
  3. You will be directed to a page that hosts all professional learning opportunities for coordinators and administrators. Depending on your role and needs, select either Pre-AP Coordinator Module or Pre-AP Leadership Modules.
  4. Select Start Learning Now.

For additional support, click the Help button in Pre-AP Classroom or email [email protected].

Observation Service

This observation service provides support for Pre-AP implementation through observing instruction and engaging with stakeholders.

Audience: This workshop is designed for school and district level administrators implementing Pre-AP and/or specific content coaches seeking more depth to support Pre-AP.
Participants will: 

  • Observe classroom instruction to assess program implementation using a classroom observation tool.
  • Engage in collecting data around content, instruction, and assessment.
  • Identify instructional practices of close observation and analysis, higher-order questioning, evidence-based writing, and academic conversation to support access to grade level content.
  • Debrief classroom observations to better align data collection and notice trends.

Observations are facilitated by Pre-AP implementation directors and include:

  • Prework to coordinate logistics 
  • Leadership meeting 
  • Classroom observations 
  • Teacher and/or student focus group(s) 
  • Debrief and follow up summary report

Pre-AP Observations are available for private purchase by a school, district, or state. The cost of one day of observation is $4,600 for members and $5,250 for nonmembers. Membership is based on an annual fee paid by your institution. Find the membership status of your institution at Home–Membership | College Board.

Pre-AP Coordinator Commitment

The Pre-AP coordinator commits to completing the Online Coordinator Module prior to the start of the school year. As a Pre-AP administrator, please encourage your coordinator to complete this short module.