Online Coordinator Module

Free, on-demand module that allows the Pre-AP coordinator to meet the professional learning commitment

The Pre-AP coordinator commits to complete the Online Coordinator Module prior to the start of the school year. This online module will be available each year on June 1, when Pre-AP Classroom opens for the upcoming academic year.

The Online Coordinator Module is designed for the current Pre-AP coordinator of a Pre-AP school. This free, self-paced module is available on Pre-AP Classroom under Pre-AP Leadership Modules. It is recommended to complete this module prior to the start of the school year, so the coordinator can support the management of the program, including teacher and student onboarding.

Pre-AP coordinators are also encouraged to complete the Online Leadership Modules for Pre-AP administrators.

How to Access the Online Coordinator Module in Pre-AP Classroom

  1. Confirm your Pre-AP role: To access the Pre-AP coordinator module, you’ll need a Pre-AP coordinator role in Pre-AP Classroom. All access codes are available on the ordering website under Access Codes.
  2. Once you have Pre-AP coordinator access, log in to AP Central® at
  3. Scroll down. Select AP & Pre-AP Classroom. This will redirect you to Pre-AP Classroom. Select Pre-AP Leadership Modules.
  4. A menu will open with professional learning available for leaders. Select Coordinator Module.  
  5. Click the title of the module. and select the Play button to launch your session.

For additional support, click the Help button in Pre-AP Classroom or email [email protected].