Online Leadership Modules for Administrators

Supporting the Pre-AP Program

Pre-AP Professional Learning Calendar

The Online Leadership Modules for administrators are designed for anyone supporting the Pre-AP Program at their site or district. These free, self-paced modules are available year-round on Pre-AP Classroom and provide CEU credits.

How to Access the Online Leadership Modules for Administrators in Pre-AP Classroom

  1. To access Pre-AP coordinator and leadership modules, login to AP Central at
  2. Scroll down. Select AP & Pre-AP Classroom. This will redirect you to Pre-AP Classroom. Select Pre-AP Leadership Modules.
  3. You will be directed to a page that hosts all professional learning opportunities for coordinators and administrators. Depending on your role and needs, select either Pre-AP Coordinator Module or Pre-AP Leadership Modules.
  4. Select Start Learning Now.

For additional support, click the Help button in Pre-AP Classroom or email [email protected].

Pre-AP Coordinator Commitment

The Pre-AP coordinator commits to completing the Online Coordinator Module prior to the start of the school year. As a Pre-AP administrator, please encourage your coordinator to complete this short module.