Professional Learning for Experienced Pre-AP Teachers

Start your free Experienced Teacher Online Modules in Pre-AP Classroom.

Teachers who have completed their foundational professional learning can continue their learning with these free opportunities:

Online Modules for Experienced Teachers

Free, self-paced Experienced Teacher Online Modules reinforce key program ideas and support teachers as they refine instructional practices and plan for the upcoming school year—and provide CEUs upon completion. They’re available on Pre-AP Classroom.

Visit Online Modules for Experienced Pre-AP Teachers for more information.

Online Scoring Modules

Complete scoring modules to further your understanding of examining and scoring student work for Pre-AP performance tasks. Scoring modules are free and available on demand through Pre-AP Classroom.

Visit Online Scoring Modules for more information.

Pre-AP National Faculty

Experienced Pre-AP teachers are also eligible to apply to become a member of the Pre-AP Program Faculty, College Board–endorsed educators who facilitate professional learning experiences in over 46 states and 1,000+ districts across the nation and around the world.

Visit Pre-AP National Faculty for more information.