Online Scoring Modules for New Pre-AP Teachers

Free, on-demand modules that help teachers meet the program’s professional learning commitment

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What You’ll Learn

These on-demand learning modules focus on examining and scoring student work for Pre-AP performance tasks. Participants first analyze a performance task and scoring guidelines. Then they interactively practice scoring student work samples and consider how to make data-driven decisions based upon performance trends.

Each course includes three scoring modules (except for Pre-AP Visual and Performing Arts), and each scoring module can be completed in 1−2 hours. Although completion of one fulfills the second part of the professional learning commitment, we encourage teachers to complete all the scoring modules in advance of administering the associated performance task.

How to Access Online Scoring Modules in Pre-AP Classroom

  1. Log in at
  2. Select Go to Pre-AP Classroom for your course.
  3. Select Professional Learning located in the top navigation menu.
  4. Select your Scoring Modules Learning Plan and then the appropriate scoring module you'd like to complete.