What are the appropriate grade levels for Pre-AP? Can I offer it at middle school?

The Pre-AP Program recognizes the autonomy of secondary schools and districts in setting course participation policies that best meet their students’ unique needs and learning goals. At the same time, Pre-AP courses are specifically designed to provide grade-level coursework based on high school content, skills, and expectations.

Pre-AP courses should be offered at the middle school level only if those middle school courses are intended to meet high school-level standards. For example, while Pre-AP Algebra 1 may be appropriate for middle school students who are taking high-school-level Algebra 1, Pre-AP Biology wouldn’t be a suitable replacement for an existing biology course that addresses middle school standards.

When considering offering Pre-AP to younger students, educators should be mindful that College Board believes students are best served by coursework focusing on the academic building blocks necessary for later enrollment in college-level courses. Educators should also consider students’ maturity and readiness to engage in content designed for students in high school. Additionally, Pre-AP is focused on equity and access. Pre-AP frameworks and assessments serve as the foundation for all sections of the course at the school.