What's included in the Pre-AP pricing?

Here’s what’s included in the per-course price:

Instructional Resources

  • Full-year course framework
  • Digital instructional resources for each course

Assessments for Learning

  • 8 digital learning checkpoints per course
  • 4 student performance tasks per course
  • 1 digital final exam per course 

Development for Pre-AP Teachers

  • Online Foundational Modules Series: On-demand professional learning available on Pre-AP Classroom; carries 21 hours of credit.
  • Online Scoring Modules: Course teachers have access to online modules to learn how to accurately score and provide effective student feedback for Pre-AP performance tasks.

Development for Pre-AP Leaders
Online Foundational Leadership Workshop: On-demand professional learning available on Pre-AP Classroom; carries 4−6 hours of credit


  • 4 Pre-AP Arts courses at no additional fee
  • Official Pre-AP course designation

Student print materials are available at an additional cost of $7 per student.
Teacher print materials are available at an additional cost of $45.