Pre-AP Professional Learning Summer 2022

Whether virtual or in-person, Pre-AP offers high-quality professional learning to meet your need.

In-Person Pre-AP Summer Institutes

A four-day in-person collaborative experience that empowers participants to prepare and plan for their Pre-AP course.

Day 1

Welcome and Building a Learning Community 

Beginning with the End in Mind: Performance Task 

The Pre-AP Course Framework 

Instructional Resources including Model Lessons

Days 2 and 3

Navigating Pre-AP Classroom 

Experiencing and Analyzing Model Lessons 

Pre-AP Formative Assessments 

Planning and Building Your Course 

Interdisciplinary Planning Session

Day 4

Assessment Reports to Inform Instruction 

Experiencing and Analyzing Model Lessons 

Planning and Building Your Course 

Building Teacher-Developed Resources 

Reflect and Connect


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Tampa, FL | June 14 - June 17


Edinburg, TX | June 21 - June 24


Fort Worth, TX | July 18 - July 21


Las Vegas, NV | July 19 - July 22


Baltimore, MD | August 2 - August 5

Fort Worth, TX

This professional learning experience has truly been one of the best I’ve ever taken. The collaboration this week has impacted my learning experience so much because I’m getting to hear from colleagues and really learning their best practices and taking those back to my classroom is going to be vital.

Trevor Cooperescue

Virtual Cohorts for Teachers

Virtual cohorts are live, online classes that offer an opportunity for teachers to collaborate with Pre-AP National Faculty and peers.

Image for teacher virtual cohorts

Virtual Cohorts for Leaders

Virtual new leader cohorts are free live, online classes that offer an opportunity for leaders to collaborate with peers across the country.