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Pre-AP ELA: Texts Take Center Stage

Texts take center stage in the Pre-AP ELA classroom, inspiring and preparing all students for close, critical reading. This workshop addresses the three key areas of focus within a Pre-AP ELA classroom: reading deeply, valuing evidence, and noticing language choice. Through engagement with a close reading protocol, participants explore how these areas of focus let the reader observe small details within a text to reach a deeper understanding of the whole. 


Teachers will:

  • Explore the Pre-AP English I Course Framework and sample instructional materials that focus on reading deeply and valuing evidence.
  • Plan a lesson that facilitates deep observation and analysis of a text using the Pre-AP close reading protocol and shared instructional principles. 

Pre-AP ELA: From Sentence to Synthesis

The Pre-AP ELA classroom trains students to craft complex sentences. By doing this, students build a foundation for complex thinking and for communicating ideas clearly.  Students’ improve their reading comprehension through writing instruction and practice at the same time they learn to create clear sentences that incorporate textual evidence. By first concentrating on sentences and paragraphs, participants in this workshop learn how to help students acquire strong skills they can later use with essays and other types of writing.

Teachers will:

  • Examine foundational writing techniques, specifically at the sentence and paragraph level, that enable students to comprehend text and incorporate textual evidence.
  • Explore the progression of writing tasks in the Pre-AP English I classroom.