Pre-AP Readiness Workshops: English Language Arts

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Pre-AP ELA: Texts Take Center Stage

In the Pre-AP English classroom, text takes center stage. This workshop addresses the three key instructional shifts within a Pre-AP English classroom: reading deeply, valuing evidence, and noticing language choice and how these shifts help the reader to observe the small details within a text in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of the whole.

Participants in the workshop will prepare to prompt their students toward deep observation of literary and informational texts as a means to confirming and building knowledge. Participants will also practice strategies that help them meet their students where they are as they acquire skills that start with reading comprehension, continue with sentence- and paragraph-level writing, and progress toward essay writing.


Teachers will…

  • Examine the Pre-AP English 1 Course Framework.
  • Develop an understanding of how the Pre-AP instructional principles of close reading and evidence-based writing support equitable classrooms and college and career readiness.
  • Design an instructional plan that supports foundational observation skills and effective sentence-level and paragraph-level writing.
  • Create scaffolds for close reading and evidence-based writing activities.