Pre-AP Readiness Workshops: World Language and Culture

Perfect for schools interested in Pre-AP but not quite ready to implement the full program, the Pre-AP Readiness Workshops are professional learning opportunities that orient participants to the program's design and pedagogy. 

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Applying Pre-AP Shared Principles

Focus: Examining Pre-AP shared principles, participants will learn how to integrate them into any world language classroom. Participants will:

  • Examine AP themes of World Language and Culture and consider how to use them in their current work.
  • Use their findings to collaborate on instructional plans that integrate Pre-AP shared principles and AP themes and, in doing so, help students work toward Pre-AP, AP, college, and career readiness.


  • Workshops have a maximum of 28 participants and are facilitated by Pre-AP National Faculty.
  • Offered in-person only. In-person workshops meet on one full day.


  • Workshops are available for private purchase by a school, district, or state. The cost of in-person workshops is $4,600 for members and $5,250 for nonmembers.
  • Membership is based on an annual fee paid by your institution. Find the membership status of your institution at Home – Membership | College Board. 

See the Resources section below for the agenda at a glance.