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Fee Structure–School Year 2019-2020

Partner schools participating in our second cohort will pay per-course fees based on several factors, including the size of their school, the number of courses being offered, and whether they use SpringBoard as well.

Calculate your cost using the pricing calculator below.

The following courses are available in School Year 2019-2020:

  • Pre-AP English 1
  • Pre-AP Algebra 1
  • Pre-AP World History and Geography
  • Pre-AP Biology
  • Pre-AP Theatre (no fee)
  • Pre-AP Dance (no fee)
  • Pre-AP Visual Art (no fee)
  • Pre-AP Music (no fee)

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What Is Included in the Price?

  • Instructional materials for each course (course frameworks, student reader and teacher course guides, model lessons and routines, student practice)
  • Registration Fee for 4-day course teacher institute for all new Pre-AP teachers in your school/district
  • 8 digital and externally scored assessments per course
  • 4 student performance tasks per course, including online training modules for scoring performance tasks
  • “Official Pre-AP” course designation (when requirements are fulfilled)
  • Instructional and administrative support
  • Pre-AP Arts Course(s) (no additional fee required)

How Your Per-Course Price is Calculated

*If your school size is close to the threshold for the lower pricing segment (within 50 students), we will provide the lower price as our goals are accessible for students and value for our school partners. School size will be confirmed during the Application process.

** Discounts are granted based on the number of Pre-AP courses offered: 3 = 10% off, 4 or more = 20% off. Most if not all schools will pay a discounted price as we are looking for participating schools to offer the maximum number of Pre-AP courses possible at their institution in order to derive the maximum benefit of the interdisciplinary approach built into the Pre-AP courses.

*** Pricing applies to all Pre-AP course subject areas. Because we offer SpringBoard schools a maximum discount due to their existing partnership with The College Board, we do not offer these schools additional discounts.

Pre-AP 9th Grade Arts Courses

Because of our belief that the Arts is an integral part of a student’s education, the College Board is pleased to offer Pre-AP Arts 9th grade courses in Dance, Music, Theatre, or Visual Art at no additional charge to schools that participate in School Year 2019-2020.

Calculate Your Cost

Excludes Pre-AP Arts which are offered at no additional charge to schools that participate in school year 2019-2020

Total Price: $0.0