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The Purpose of Pre-AP Course Audit

Before your school can be authorized to offer Pre-AP, you’ll need to complete Pre-AP Course Audit.

Participation in the Pre-AP Course Audit process is required for teachers to access Pre-AP Classroom, which includes model lessons, as well as the digital learning checkpoints they are required to administer.

Pre-AP courses must be authorized before “Pre-AP” can be used in course names. Once your school’s courses are authorized, College Board will include them in the Pre-AP Course Ledger—the official list of all Pre-AP courses—so colleges and universities can verify student transcripts.

Before You Start

Designate a Pre-AP Course Audit administrator who can attest to the Pre-AP Program commitments. This can be the principal, a principal’s designee, or Pre-AP coordinator. It’s important that this person be available during the summer months because the Course Audit process must be completed before the school can access Pre-AP Classroom. You’ll need both a Course Audit administrator and Pre-AP teachers to complete the Pre-AP Course Audit.

Understand Pre-AP commitments

The Pre-AP Program has four commitments that it asks of schools using the program. To complete the Course Audit, your school’s Pre-AP teachers and Pre-AP Course Audit administrator must attest to the following:

  1. Pre-AP for All: Pre-AP frameworks and assessments serve as the foundation for all sections of the course at the school.
    • Note: Course Audit administrators may request to defer implementing Pre-AP for All through Course Audit, should they need additional time to plan to meet this commitment in the future. To do so, they must refrain from establishing any entry barriers (such as minimum test scores, previous grades, or teacher recommendation) that could hinder students’ participation in Pre-AP. Additionally, they must commit to developing a plan to expand Pre-AP access at their school. See the Pre-AP for All Planning Guide for additional information.
  2. Course Frameworks: Teachers align their classroom instruction with Pre-AP course frameworks.
  3. Assessments: Teachers administer at least one learning checkpoint per unit on Pre-AP Classroom and four performance tasks.
  4. Professional Learning:Teachers complete the foundational professional learning (Online Foundational Modules or Pre-AP Summer Institute) and at least one online performance task scoring module. The current Pre-AP coordinator completes the Pre-AP Coordinator Online Module.

Completing the Course Audit as a New Pre-AP School 

Pre-AP Course Audit tasks are completed online. Course Audit administrators can get their access code from the ordering website under the Access Codes header. Course audit for the 2022-23 academic year will begin on March 1, 2022.  

Completing the Course Audit as a Returning School  

If you’ve already completed course audit and been authorized by Pre-AP, your process may be as simple as renewing and confirming information in your account.