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What Is the Pre-AP Course Designation?

Schools that deliver Pre-AP to all their students and fulfill all other implementation requirements can receive an Official Pre-AP Designation, communicating a commitment to preparing all students for success in high school and beyond. All schools that receive the Official Pre-AP Designation will be added to the official College Board Pre-AP Course Ledger, along with the courses offered.

Schools participating in the College Board Pre-AP Program must go through a process called the Pre-AP Course Audit. The Pre-AP Course Audit ensures that each Pre-AP course meets specific requirements to receive an official Pre-AP course designation. 

The Pre-AP Course Audit is intended to:

  • Give Pre-AP teachers and coordinators clear guidelines on curricular, resource, and implementation requirements that each Pre-AP course must meet in order to receive a Pre-AP course designation.
  • Give colleges and universities confidence that Pre-AP courses are designed to meet the same criteria across all schools.

Each individual school has the opportunity to develop curriculum for courses labeled “Pre-AP.” We provide Pre-AP teachers with course frameworks developed in partnership with secondary school and college faculty nationwide to define expectations to which they should align their course design, as well as required learning checkpoints that they must administer throughout the year. While we provide sample instructional resources that teachers may use with their students, we don’t mandate their use for Pre-AP courses.

Why Go Through the Pre-AP Course Audit?

Participation in the Pre-AP Course Audit process is required for teachers to access Pre-AP Classroom, which includes sample instructional materials as well as the digital learning checkpoints they are required to administer.

Pre-AP courses must be authorized by the Pre-AP Program in order to use “Pre-AP” in those course names. The only way to do that is through the Pre-AP Course Audit.

Once your school’s courses are authorized, they will be included in the Pre-AP Course Ledger—the official list of all Pre-AP courses—so colleges and universities can verify student transcripts.

The Course Audit Process

Each school that offers Pre-AP courses must name a Pre-AP Course Audit administrator. This is usually the principal or principal’s designee, and may be the Pre-AP coordinator. It is important for this person to be available during the summer months, as the Course Audit process must be completed before access to Pre-AP Classroom is provided. This person is responsible for reviewing the implementation requirements, renewing authorizations annually, and checking the Pre-AP Course Ledger each academic year to make sure it accurately lists their school’s Pre-AP course offerings.

Implementation Requirements

The Pre-AP Program has four unique implementation requirements that must be met in order to receive a Pre-AP course designation.

To complete Course Audit, your school’s Pre-AP teachers and Pre-AP Course Audit administrator must attest to the following:

  1. Pre-AP for All: Pre-AP frameworks and assessments serve as the foundation for all sections of the course at the school.
    • Note: Course Audit administrators may request a deferment for the Pre-AP for All requirement through Course Audit. To do so, they must refrain from establishing any entry barriers (e.g., minimum test scores, previous grades, or teacher recommendation) which could hinder students’ participation in the Pre-AP course. Additionally, they must commit to developing a plan to expand Pre-AP access at their school over time. Please see the Pre-AP for All Planning Guide for additional information.
  2. Course Frameworks: Teachers align classroom instruction to the course frameworks.
  3. Assessments: Teachers administer at least 1 learning checkpoint per unit, and 4 performance tasks.
  4. Professional Learning: Teachers and at least 1 leader per site complete a Pre-AP Summer Institute or the Online Foundational Module Series. Teachers complete at least 1 online performance scoring module.

Completing Course Audit

Watch this video if you are a new Pre-AP school.

Watch this video if you are a returning Pre-AP school.

Your Pre-AP Course Audit tasks are completed online. If you are a new Pre-AP School, you will receive an access code that you’ll use to sign in to, or create, your Pre-AP Course Audit account. As of March 1, 2021, the Course Audit process is available for teachers to complete in advance of starting the 2021-22 academic year. Here are the steps to completing Course Audit:

New Pre-AP Schools

Course Audit Administrator Pre-AP Teacher
  1. Receives Course Audit access code from College Board via email.
  2. Registers and logs in to their College Board professional account at Uses access code to add Pre-AP Course Audit to their account.
  3. Attests to Pre-AP for All or deferment.
  4. After the teacher has completed the Course Audit process, the Course Audit administrator affirms individual teacher as a teacher of record.
  1. Registers and logs in to their College Board professional account at Adds Pre-AP Course Audit to account.
  2. Adds course and completes attestations.
Note: Only Pre-AP teachers of record (including co-teachers) should complete the Course Audit process–instructional coaches and leaders should not complete this process. Instructional coaches and leaders should use their access code to gain access to Pre-AP Classroom. 

Returning Pre-AP Schools

Course Audit Administrator Pre-AP Teacher
  1. Logs in to their College Board professional account at
  2. Attests to Pre-AP for All or deferment.
  3. Selects Renew Pre-AP Courses.
  4. Confirms which teachers are still teaching courses from previous years (your options are yes, no, or undecided). Note: you will only see the courses that have been ordered for the upcoming academic year.
If a teacher is teaching the same Pre-AP course(s) as previous academic year, there is no action needed by the teacher.

Begin Course Audit

Frequently Asked Questions–Course Audit Administrators

What if my school is returning, but I am a new Course Audit administrator?
If your school has offered the College Board Pre-AP Program in past years, but you are a new Course Audit administrator for your school, please call 877-262-7320 to get your Course Audit access code. Create your College Board account, and then follow the steps for a renewing school Course Audit administrator.

What if I have a new teacher for a course that our school offered in previous years?
If you have a course you offered in previous years, but you have a new teacher instructing that course, that teacher should follow the steps for a Pre-AP teacher for new schools. Once the teacher completes their steps, then they will appear in your queue to confirm as the teacher of record (including co-teachers). 

Can I change my “Pre-AP for All” attestation after I’ve submitted it?
No, you are not able to change your response after it has been submitted for that school year. Your response is being used for reporting purposes only; this has no impact to ledger or implementation of the program. If you need to change your response, please email us at [email protected].

Can the Pre-AP and AP Course Audit administrator be the same person?
Yes, the same person can be the Pre-AP and AP Course Audit administrator, but it is not required that they be the same person.

Can a teacher also be the Course Audit Administrator?
If the teacher is empowered by the school to make the attestations and approvals required by the Course Audit administrator, then a teacher may be the Course Audit administrator. To do this, the individual should: 

  1. Login to their College Board Professional Account.
  2. Go the dashboard.
  3. Select Manage Access for Pre-AP/AP Course Audit.
  4. Use the Course Audit Access Code to add Course Audit administrator access or add teacher access.

How do instructional coaches and administrators receive access to Pre-AP Classroom if they do not complete the course audit process?
Instructional coaches and administrators will use an access code for Pre-AP Classroom. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions–Teachers

What if I am teaching a Pre-AP course for the first time, but my school has offered this course in previous years?
If your school has offered a College Board Pre-AP course in previous years, but you are teaching this course for the first time, please follow the steps for a Pre-AP teacher for a new Pre-AP school.

Key Dates

  • Event
    • MARCH 1, 2021

    Pre-AP Course Audit opened for the 2021-22 school year.


Pre-AP and AP Course Ledger

The course ledger lists secondary school courses offered worldwide that are authorized to include either AP or Pre-AP designation when listed on students’ transcripts. As part of course audit for the academic years listed on the school’s “Authorized Courses” page, AP courses are reviewed by the Advanced Placement® Program (AP), and Pre-AP courses are approved when course audit administrators and teachers agree to course, curricular, and implementation requirements.

Review our searchable online course ledger.