Helping Students Under 13 Access Pre-AP Classroom

How students under the age of 13 can create a College Board online account

Why Students Under 13 Need Help

Students under 13 need parental permission to create a College Board account. Their parent or guardian must complete and submit the form—available by download at the bottom of this page—to request an account for their child.

If your school offers more than one Pre-AP course, we recommend that the Pre-AP coordinator manage the distribution of this form.

Why Students Need a College Board account

Creating a College Board student account gives the student access to Pre-AP Classroom, the College Board online platform, which includes Pre-AP instructional and assessment resources.

Students only need one College Board account—even if they’re enrolled in more than one course or program—and the same account can be used for the SAT Suite of Assessments, AP, CLEP, and BigFuture.

Completing the Parental Consent Form

  1. The parent/guardian completes all fields on the form.
    Note the form’s language: “By submitting this form requesting the College Board to create an online account for your child, the parent/guardian and student acknowledge that you have read the Site Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and agree to comply with these policies. If you do not agree or cannot comply, please do not submit this form.”
  2. The form is submitted using one of the two methods described below.
  3. Within seven business days of receipt of a fully completed and legible form, a College Board representative will confirm via email the student’s username to the student email address provided on the form, also copying the parent’s email address.
  4. Once confirmed, a separate email will be sent to the student’s email address to reset the password.
  5. Once the account is created, the student will have access to the Pre-AP and AP platform, as well as other offerings available on the College Board website.

In some of these other offerings, additional personal information may be collected about the student. Some of the additional information may include race, ethnicity, and best language. Although some of these questions will require an answer, there’s an option to select Prefer not to answer.

If the parent/guardian or the student doesn’t want to provide any additional personal information, instruct the student to mark Prefer not to answer. And at any time, be advised that the parent/guardian has the right to request that College Board delete the student’s account at any time after it has been created.

Email [email protected] about any issues with this form or process.

Submitting the Parental Consent Form

At the bottom of this page, there are two versions of the parental form—a PDF file and an Excel file—which one you use will depend on how your school intends to submit the forms.

If all forms are collected and then submitted by the school, you should opt for the PDF version. Each parent/guardian prints the PDF form, fills it out, sign it, scans it, and emails it as an attachment to you. Then you send the forms to College Board in a single batch to [email protected].

If the parent/guardian emails the form directly to College Board, choose the Excel form. Each parent/guardian will have to fill out the Excel form electronically and email it as an attachment to [email protected]. They don’t need to a physically sign it; however, the sender’s email address must match the parent/guardian’s email address listed on the form. (We also recommend that the parent cc you on the email so it can be tracked.)