Why Choose Pre-AP?

Find out what Pre-AP has to offer—and how it works with other College Board programs.

Pre-AP Motivates Students.

Students own their learning.

They learn to think for themselves, defend arguments, and solve real-world problems.

Students get a head start on AP success.

Pre-AP courses are back mapped from AP courses—giving students a head start on the skills and content needed to succeed in AP.

Students learn consistent, effective strategies.

All Pre-AP courses share common language and strategies so interdisciplinary skills are continually reinforced.

Pre-AP Empowers Teachers.

Pre-AP honors teachers’ expertise and authority.

Pre-AP respects teachers’ knowledge of their subject—and their students. Teachers receive instructional support, model lessons, performance tasks, and an optional final exam.

Pre-AP offers best-in-class professional learning.

A robust menu of professional learning supports teachers through online and in-person workshops, virtual cohorts, webinars, on-demand e-learning modules and the Pre-AP Community.

Pre-AP Supports Schools.

Pre-AP fosters acceleration and growth.

Research demonstrates that even students who start the year below grade level can close the gap when they receive the kind of grade-level instruction integral to the Pre-AP Program.

Pre-AP promotes access and inclusivity.

Pre-AP signals a school’s commitment to all its students—helping them to build an inclusive, college-going culture.

Pre-AP Complements Other College Board Programs.

Understand how Pre-AP prepares students for success in AP courses and how the SpringBoard curriculum supports Pre-AP courses.

Pre-AP and AP

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Pre-AP and SpringBoard

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