Become a Pre-AP National Faculty Member

Learn about Pre-AP National Faculty and how to join.

What Is Pre-AP National Faculty?

Pre-AP National Faculty members are College Board-endorsed educators who facilitate professional learning experiences in over 46 states and 1,000+ districts across the nation and around the world. There are currently over 300 National Faculty members from across the United States.

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Why Should I Join Pre-AP National Faculty?

Join 300+ educators

Meet and exchange ideas with College Board faculty and staff. Connect with a network of diverse and talented educators across the country.

Support colleagues

Share Pre-AP content, best practices, and routines. Promote innovation and excellence in your field.

Impact students

Help students beyond your classroom. Learn better ways to teach students.

Receive financial compensation

In addition to an honorarium, expenses, lodging, and meals are covered.

Flexible work environment

Choose to work virtually or in-person. Create your own schedule based on your availability.

Who Can Be a Pre-AP National Faculty Member?

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To facilitate Pre-AP Course Teacher Professional Learning

A current Pre-AP course-authorized teacher who has taught for three years. Has detailed knowledge of the Pre-AP Program, including Pre-AP Classroom. Has participated in College Board-sponsored professional learning events (such as a Pre-AP Summer Institute, Online Foundational Module Series, New Teacher or Experienced Teacher Cohort).

Teacher with students

To facilitate Pre-AP Readiness Workshops

A current teacher who has taught at least three years and is fully committed to the mission of College Board and goals of the Pre-AP Program.

Applicant Requirements

  • Qualify as one of the above under “Who Can Be a Pre-AP National Faculty Member.”
  • Attend the Pre-AP National Faculty Institute onboarding event.
  • Successfully integrate current technology and relevant resources into workshops and institutes.
  • Must commit to fulfilling the mission and goals of the College Board as an endorsed Pre-AP Program professional learning consultant.
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How to Apply

Applications are accepted year-round. As part of the application process, you’ll need to:

  • Complete an application form
  • Submit a video (5–10 minutes in length) that shows you facilitating classroom instruction or professional learning
  • Provide professional references
  • Include a résumé (optional)

A strong candidate’s application and video submission will demonstrate the following:

  • In-depth instructional knowledge
  • Effective communication and facilitation skills
  • An ability to establish a culture of high engagement
  • An ability to provide an inclusive environment, welcoming diversity of thought
  • Positive attitude, presence, and leadership


Prior to applying, review the Pre-AP Program Professional Learning: National Faculty Onboarding and Endorsement Policy to ensure your understanding of the commitment of joining the Pre-AP Program National Faculty.

Approximate Timeline for Onboarding and Endorsement Process

March Receive invitation and complete paperwork to begin onboarding process.
March–May Complete onboarding activities and events.
June–December Complete residency and facilitate a professional learning service with a mentor.

"I think being a Pre-AP National Faculty member helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the Pre-AP framework and is an opportunity to work alongside a great community of teachers from around the country. It’s been rewarding to be able to introduce a program that I believe in and provide support to teachers."

Luis Vega, Pre-AP National Faculty

"Becoming a Pre-AP facilitator has expanded my knowledge as an educator. Each time I facilitate a session, I learn from my participants."

Patra Cooks, Pre-AP National Faculty