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Pre-AP Arts: Documenting the Process of Thinking and Creating

In the Pre-AP Arts classroom, teachers help students record their creative processes and reflect on the development of their artistic works. This workshop is based on the idea that students who are reflective about their artistic choices become adept in building skills in their disciplines. Participants learn how to get students to trace the evolution of their thinking, including idea generation, ongoing revision and refinement, and presentation of their work for an audience. Workshop activities include an examination of the Pre-AP Visual and Performing Arts course framework, as well as work with formative assessments, inquiry-led dialogues, and exploratory critiques.


  • Educators will get to practice classroom exercises alongside their peers and plan instruction that is designed to engage students in analysis, reflection, and metacognition.

Pre-AP Arts: Facilitating Risk-Taking, Inventiveness, and Experimentation

The Pre-AP Arts classroom facilitates risk-taking, inventiveness, and experimentation, so students can engage more deeply in the visual and performing art creative process. This workshop shows how trial-and-error supports students who are more confident and willing to improve their skills. Participants learn how to provide guided, structured opportunities for student choice and agency in each phase of the creative process. 


  • Educators will get to work hands-on with guiding and exploratory questions along with performing reflective activities that will help them empower their students to find new techniques.  

To schedule a workshop, email [email protected]. Include the name of the workshop you're interested in, along with the requested date of delivery.