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Pre-AP Science: Developing Inquiry Mindsets in the Science Classroom

Developing inquiry mindsets is a focus of the Pre-AP science classroom. In this workshop, participants examine an effective, collaborative science classroom through the Pre-AP Biology framework, areas of focus, and shared instructional principles. Teachers actively engage in modeling a safe, student-focused science classroom environment in which students develop inquiry skills while accessing critical content. Students will do this through close observation and analysis, higher-order questioning, evidence-based writing, and academic conversation. Participants create a plan for incorporating close observation and analysis, collaborative group structures, and academic conversations into their daily instruction. 


  • Educators will examine the characteristics of a safe, inquiry-focused science classroom and develop a plan to implement Pre-AP shared principles in their daily classroom practice.

Pre-AP Science: Using Analytical Reading and Writing to Promote Conceptual Understanding

In this workshop, participants analyze how the Pre-AP science classroom emphasizes analytical reading and writing in support of students gaining, retaining, and applying scientific knowledge. Educators will experience science instructional models and performance tasks that leverage the Pre-AP shared principles of close observation and analysis, evidence-based writing, higher-order questions, and academic conversation. They will then consider how to apply these principles and strategies in their own classrooms to better prepare students to be discerning citizens and consumers of scientific information.


  • Educators will explore how focusing on analytical reading and writing enables students to gain, retain, and apply scientific knowledge.

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