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The Online Foundational Module Series is available on Pre-AP Classroom to all Pre-AP teachers at no charge. These course-specific modules can be completed in 12–20 hours, and support teachers in planning and preparing for their Pre-AP course, while fulfilling the professional learning requirement for course designation.

Pre-AP Teacher Online Foundational Module Series Outline 1.5 CEU
Module 1: Welcome to Pre-AP 0.1 CEU
Module 2: Your Course Framework and Areas of Focus 0.2 CEU
Module 3: The Power of Shared Principles 0.1 CEU
Module 4: Introduction to Pre-AP Instructional Resources 0.2 CEU
Module 5: Exploring Model Lessons 0.3 CEU
Module 6: Pre-AP Assessment Opportunities 0.2 CEU
Module 7: Examining Learning Checkpoints 0.1 CEU
Module 8: Building Your Course 0.3 CEU

How to Access the Online Foundational Modules in Pre-AP Classroom:

  1. Add your Pre-AP course in Course Audit.
  2. Submit the Course Audit form for approval by your Course Audit Administrator.
  3. Log in at
  4. Select Go to Pre-AP Classroom for your course.
  5. Select Professional Learning located in the top navigation menu.
  6. Select which professional learning module series you would like to complete
  7. Use the arrows to see the units and sessions within each module. Select the Play button to launch your session.
  8. Upon completing each module, a link will appear to download your certificate of Continuing Education Units.

Email [email protected] for additional support or use the Help button in Pre-AP Classroom..

New Pre-AP educators will also have the option to join a New Pre-AP Teacher Virtual Cohort, which extends learning from the on-demand Online Foundational Module Series. These live virtual classes provide an opportunity for educators to plan for their course and collaborate with Pre-AP National Faculty and peers.