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The Online Leadership Workshop is available on Pre-AP Classroom to all leaders of Pre-AP schools at no charge. These leader-specific modules can be completed in 4-6 hours, and support leaders in understanding the instructional design and program requirements of Pre-AP.

Pre-AP Online Leadership Workshop Outline 0.6 CEU
Leadership Opening N/A
Module 1: Welcome to Pre-AP 0.1 CEU
Module 2:  Pre-AP Program Requirements 0.2 CEU
Module 3: The Power of Shared Principles 0.1 CEU
Module 4:  Leadership Practices 0.2 CEU

How to Access the Online Pre-AP Leadership Workshop Modules in Pre-AP Classroom:

  1. Confirm your Pre-AP role. You’ll need a Pre-AP coordinator or Pre-AP administrator role in Pre-AP Classroom to access the Pre-AP Leadership Workshop. All access codes are sent to campus Pre-AP coordinators.
  2. Once you have Pre-AP coordinator or administrator access, log in to AP Central at
  3. Scroll down to AP Classroom. Click on the blue AP Classroom tile. This will redirect you to AP/Pre-AP Classroom. Click on the tile for Pre-AP Leadership Modules.
  4. A menu will open with the Pre-AP Leadership Workshop Modules. This is the required professional learning for the Pre-AP Program for 2020-21.
  5. Use the arrows to see the units and sessions within each module. Select the Play button to launch your session.
  6. Upon completing each module, a link will appear to download your certificate of Continuing Education Units.

Email [email protected] for additional support or use the Help button in Pre-AP Classroom.

New Pre-AP leaders will also have the option to join a Virtual Leadership Cohort, which extends learning from the on-demand Online Leadership Workshop. These live, virtual classes provide an opportunity for educators to plan for their program implementation and collaborate with Pre-AP National Faculty and peers across the country.