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Pre-AP Coordinator Responsibilities

As the Pre-AP coordinator, you have responsibilities related to Pre-AP Course Audit. It is critical to complete these steps before teachers complete their required professional learning, as they will not have access to Pre-AP Classroom until all steps have been completed.

  1. With your school leadership, determine who the Course Audit administrator will be. This is usually the principal or principal’s designee and may be the Pre-AP coordinator. This person is responsible for finalizing Pre-AP Course Audit forms, renewing authorizations annually, and checking the Pre-AP Course Ledger each academic year to make sure it accurately lists their school’s Pre-AP course offerings.
  2. You will receive an email with the access code for Course Audit. You must share this information with the Course Audit administrator. Course Audit administrators will go to the College Board registration page to enter their access code and complete the Course Audit process.
  3. You must inform Pre-AP teachers of record to complete the Course Audit process. Teachers go to the College Board registration page to create their own account and complete the Course Audit process.

Completing Course Audit

While the Pre-AP coordinator is not responsible for completing the steps of the Course Audit process, it will be helpful for you to understand that process, in case the Course Audit administrator or teachers have questions.

Download the Course Audit Process Diagram (.pdf/87KB)

Begin Course Audit

Key Dates

  • Event
    • MARCH 1, 2021

    Pre-AP Course Audit opens for Course Audit administrators for the 2021-22 school year.