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Pre-AP Coordinator Responsibilities

As the Pre-AP coordinator, you have responsibilities related to Pre-AP Course Audit. It is critical to complete these steps before teachers complete their required professional learning, as they will not have access to Pre-AP Classroom until all steps have been completed.

  1. With your school leadership, determine who the Course Audit administrator will be. This is usually the principal or principal’s designee and may be the Pre-AP coordinator. It is important for this person to be available during the summer months, as the Course Audit process must be completed before access to Pre-AP Classroom is provided. This person is responsible for finalizing Pre-AP Course Audit forms, renewing authorizations annually, and checking the Pre-AP Course Ledger each academic year to make sure it accurately lists their school’s Pre-AP course offerings.
  2. You must inform new Pre-AP teachers of record (including co-teachers) to complete the Course Audit process.

Completing Course Audit

While the Pre-AP coordinator is not responsible for completing the steps of the Course Audit process, it will be helpful for you to understand that process in case the Course Audit administrator or teachers have questions.

Begin Course Audit

New Pre-AP Schools

Course Audit Administartor Pre-AP Teacher
  1. Receives Course Audit access code from College Board via email
  2. Registers and logs in to their College Board professional account at Uses access code to add Pre-AP Course Audit to their account.
  3. Attests to Pre-AP for All or deferment.
  4. After the teacher has completed the course audit process, the Course Audit administrator affirms individual teacher as a teacher of record.
  1. Registers and logs in to their College Board professional account at
  2. Adds Pre-AP Course Audit to account.
  3. Adds course and completes attestations.

Note: Only Pre-AP teachers of record (including co-teachers) should complete the Course Audit process—instructional coaches and leaders should not complete this process. Instructional coaches and leaders should use their access code to gain access to Pre-AP Classroom.

Returning Pre-AP Schools

Course Audit Administartor Pre-AP Teacher
  1. Logs in to their College Board professional account at
  2. Attests to Pre-AP for All or deferment.
  3. Selects Renew Pre-AP courses.
  4. Confirms which teachers are still teaching courses from previous years (your options are yes, no, or undecided). Note: you will only see the courses that have been ordered for the upcoming academic year.
If a teacher is teaching the same Pre-AP Course(s) as previous academic year, there is no action needed by the teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions—Course Audit Administrators

  1. What if my school is renewing, but I am a new Course Audit administrator?
    If your school has offered the College Board Pre-AP Program in past years, but you are a new Course Audit administrator for your school, please call 877-262-7320 to get your Course Audit access code. Create your College Board account, and then follow the steps for a renewing school Course Audit administrator.
  2. What if I have a new teacher for a course that our school offered in previous years?
    If you have a course you offered in previous years, but you have a new teacher instructing that course, that teacher should follow the steps for a Pre-AP Teacher for new schools. Once the teacher completes their steps, then they will appear in your queue to confirm as the teacher of record (including co-teachers). 
  3. Can I change my “Pre-AP for All” attestation after I’ve submitted it?
    No, you are not able to change your response after it has been submitted. If you need to change your response, please email us at [email protected].
  4. Can the Pre-AP and AP Course Audit administrator be the same person?
    Yes, the same person can be the Pre-AP and AP Course Audit administrator, but it is not required that they be the same person.
  5. Can a teacher also be the Course Audit Administrator?
    If the teacher is empowered by the school to make the attestations and approvals required by the Course Audit administrator, then a teacher may be the Course Audit administrator. To do this, the individual should:
    1. Login to their College Board Professional Account.
    2. Go the dashboard.
    3. Select “Manage Access” for Pre-AP/AP Course Audit.
    4. Use the Course Audit Access Code to add Course Audit administrator access or add teacher access.
  6. How do instructional coaches and administrators receive access to Pre-AP Classroom if they do not complete the course audit process?
    Instructional coaches and administrators will use an access code for Pre-AP Classroom. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions—Teachers

  1. What if I am teaching a Pre-AP Course for the first time, but my school has offered this course in previous years?
    If your school has offered a College Board Pre-AP Course in previous years, but you are teaching this course for the first time, please follow the steps for a Pre-AP Teacher for a New Pre-AP School.

Key Dates

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    • MARCH 1, 2021

    Pre-AP Course Audit opened for the 2021-22 school year.