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Pre-AP is about achieving results for all students. Here’s how the program is designed to accomplish that.

  • Engaging instructional resources meet students where they are.
  • Learning checkpoints show teachers where each student needs additional support and focus.
  • Effective practice helps every student to build, strengthen, and master content knowledge and skills.
  • Flexibility in instructional resources honors the skill and authority of teachers.
  • Challenging coursework emphasizes key literacy, quantitative, and analysis skills across all 5 disciplines and reinforces these skills in multiple classroom experiences.
  • Open access—a program requirement—means that Pre-AP courses and their high-quality instruction and assessments will serve all students.
Student Benefits Teacher Benefits

Access & Opportunity: Instruction focuses on building important skills and confidence.
Critical Thinking Skills: Students learn to apply evidence and think critically, not just memorize facts and figures.
Cross-Curricular Alignment: Engage with interdisciplinary skills in all of their courses, reinforcing conceptual learning.

Focus: Spend time on fewer, more essential concepts to focus and truly engage students.
Assessments for Learning: Use learning checkpoints and performance tasks to quickly check for understanding, focus on the right areas for improvement, and measure student growth.
Engaging Model Lessons: Work with course content that features a curated selection of high-quality texts, sources, and authentic contexts.

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