Professional Learning for Pre-AP School Administrators

Support for your implementation of Pre-AP.

Access online professional learning.

Professional Learning Requirements

There is no required professional learning for Pre-AP school administrators.

However, if you're an administrator designated as the Pre-AP leader and it is your first year of implementation, you will need to complete the required professional learning. The Pre-AP leader can be anyone supporting the Pre-AP implementation at the school or district and can include the Pre-AP coordinator, Pre-AP administrator, instructional coach, or any non-teaching instructional support role.

Optional Learning Opportunities

Leader Lounges

Leader lounges are 30-min sessions offered throughout the year and facilitated by Pre-AP implementation directors. These sessions focus on topics relevant to Pre-AP leaders and have included: Addressing Unfinished Learning, Tips from Experienced Leaders, Building a Culture for Pre-AP for All, and more. Recordings of these sessions can be found on Pre-AP Classroom under "Videos for Leaders."


From mid-June through the end of August, Pre-AP offers a range of free webinars. Webinars are hosted live by College Board staff, along with Pre-AP teachers and administrators, and then recorded and posted on Pre-AP Classroom under the Professional Learning tab within each course. Visit Pre-AP Webinars for more information.