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Building Consensus

Thinking of implementing the Pre-AP Program? We recommend getting buy-in from all stakeholders, especially your teachers. 

  • Explore the course information provided on this site and share it with instructional leads to gather input.
  • Consider hosting a Pre-AP Readiness Workshop to better understand the foundational elements of Pre-AP.
  • Review Considerations for Pre-AP Readiness to understand how to best prepare for implementing Pre-AP.
  • Introduce the components and requirements of the Pre-AP Program to teachers, parents, and leaders utilizing these meeting resources.
  • Meet with full school leadership teams to discuss all the program requirements.
  • Determine your school’s or district’s approach to the Pre-AP for All requirement.

Creating & Preparing Your Pre-AP Team

After the decision is made to implement Pre-AP, take action to prepare for a smooth implementation.

  • Determine who will be your Pre-AP coordinator and Pre-AP Course Audit administrator. It is important that the Course Audit administrator be available during the summer months.
  • Schedule planning time with teachers to review course frameworks within and across grades and subjects; teachers should be familiar with the frameworks before they begin the required professional learning.
  • Review district curriculum with teachers and let them know they’ll still need it: Pre-AP is not a curriculum.
  • Make sure counselors understand the program requirements and what will change for students, so they can answer questions from students and parents.

Implementing Pre-AP

It is critical to continue to support teachers through the school year to have a successful implementation.

  • Remind teachers and at least 1 leader to complete the required professional learning.
  • Confirm all teachers have completed at least one Online Scoring Module for performance tasks, a program requirement.
  • As teachers complete the required professional learning, suggest that they meet in subject-specific teams to discuss what they learned. Encourage teachers within subjects to continue to plan together; for example, they can meet to select curricular resources aligned to the framework.
  • Make sure you are registered in Pre-AP Classroom as an administrator. Get familiar with Pre-AP Classroom components and how teachers and students will use it.
  • With teachers and counselors, make a plan for helping students create their College Board account. Each student needs a College Board account in order to access Pre-AP Classroom.
  • Review the program requirements that you committed to; keep track of your progress throughout the year as you complete them.