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Development for Pre-AP Teachers

Teachers must take part in a four-day Course Teacher Institute the summer before their first year teaching a Pre-AP course. The institute introduces the Pre-AP course frameworks, pedagogical routines, model instructional units, and assessment resources. In the course of an intensive and immersive study of both their specific course material and shared cross-disciplinary connections, participants will plan and develop their Pre-AP course syllabi.

During their first year teaching the course, teachers must also complete additional online training in assessment analysis and scoring.

Pre-AP Readiness Workshops for Schools and Districts

Schools and districts that are not participating in the initial launch of the program but are interested in preparing their schools for Pre-AP course implementation in the future can purchase Pre-AP readiness workshops. These workshops are intended for those interested in learning more about the content, design, and pedagogy of Pre-AP and are a great way to help build readiness for future Pre-AP teachers.​

At this time, workshops are only available for private purchase by a school, district or state. To schedule a private workshop, contact your district representative or email your College Board Regional Office for further assistance.